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The early 2000s is a real revolving with the creation of the Laboratoire Factory/ electronic and fleeting club for Lille 2004, European Capital ofCulture. 
In this continuance, was born the N.A.M.E festival –North Art Electronic Music- supported by the Conseil General du Nord and in parternship with the french cities of Maubeuge, Dunkerque and Lille Metropole.

Meanwhile, Fanny created « violences commerciales » for the 25th hour/ Festival of Avignon (2005), the exhibitions « les chambres de l'Hôtel Europa » (the Europa hotel's rooms) at the Gare Saint Sauveur (2009, 2010, 2011), collaborated with Lille 3000 and particurlaly in October 2012 for the opening parade working with Jean-Charles de Castelbajac.

Fanny is « NAINPORTEKOI »:  the biggest operation of garden gnome customization!
She’s also a series of « Peace Portraits » with migrants in the french town Calais and some Dj's she likes. Thousands of portraits were made from Barcelona to Berlin for Tibet, her tattooed arm in close-up.

Her last exhibition « Soyez les bienvenus » (Welcome) is about her father's story, a Senegalese immigrant who came in France in 1957.
To understand the situation of thousands of young Africans ready for anything to reach Europe, she went to Agadez, Niger, the original point of departure of migratory flows.
A year later, she tried to find them in South Italy.
« Soyeux les bienvenus » is a monumental installation created in 2010 in Lille, presented in 2011 at the festival of Chalon sur Saône and Anvers and in 2012 at the 66th Festival of Avignon.

Art Point M exists thanks to Thierry, Sabine, Sébastien, Fabienne, Sabine, Clément.
A technical team ready to do anything: Camille, Rémi, Simon, Ben, Alex, Sada, Justin and all the people we are lucky to work with. Bodo for the press and LaCuisine for this website.


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